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Early Intervention ABA Therapy

A Team of Professionals l Ready to Serve You and Your Family

At SBC, we treat every family we work with as if they were our own.


We identify behaviors of concern to you and your family and set goals for your child that are measurable and objective. Skyway Behavior Center is one of the few practices in Southern Pinellas that has a clinical location to provide therapy, as well in home or in school. We provide therapy where your child needs it most.

ABA Therapy l What is it?


It is an evidence based, systematic approach that focuses on teaching adaptive behaviors, language and other communication skills, life skills, and academic skills. ABA uses positive reinforcement and a person's strengths to teach new skills and adapt previously learned skills and behaviors.

Please visit The Association for Science in Autism Treatment for a summary and description of various ABA techniques and the amount of scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of each.



We perform a functional language assessment to identify deficits and barriers to speech


We determine what is interfering with your child’s development of skills


SBC identifies behaviors of concern to you and your family and sets goals for your child that are measurable and objective


We create a treatment plan to enhance functional communication

Our Services

Services we offer include:

Language Assessments

Communication Training

Social Skills Training

Toilet Training

Feeding Programs

Compliance Training

Parent Training

We offer every family a free consultation with our Clinical Director.


Call or email us today to learn how we can help.

Areas We Serve

We have a clinical space to establish and teach new skills to all our clients.

Skills also may need to be taught in other settings, in order for them to occur naturally outside of the clinic.

Areas that we currently serve outside of our clinic are:

St. Petersburg




Bradenton & Palmetto

We are also available to provide assistance

in your child's school

upon the school's approval


Get in touch:

For new clients, we encourage you to call to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Clinical Director:

Phone: (727)-827-2838


1907 Tyrone Blvd N.

St. Petersburg, FL 33709